East Texas Rentals is the preferred source of residential mobile home and cabin rentals in East Texas (and Wyoming).  We take pride in our rentals and consider tenants part of our family!


We believe in fair and equal housing opportunity, and specialize in quality mobile homes, cabins, efficiencies and trailers located in country settings.  You can find our listings here and also advertised throughout East Texas both in print and online.


Although we specialize in rentals, we are always searching to buy or remove-for-free used mobile homes that need some TLC!  To rent from us, or sell to us, please click


1 - Review our available rentals and choose the right one for you!  All listings contain accurate and recent pictures, descriptions and location information.


2 - Download an application. You must first send us your application to show that you are truly interested and able to meet our minimum qualifications.


3 - Upon pre-approval of your application we will show you the property - we only show properties to approved applicants. 


4 - If you decide to rent the home, a $50 processing fee is collected for a complete background check. Once you are fully approved, a security deposit or deposit against first month's rent will be required to hold the home and sign the lease.

* NO SECURITY DEPOSIT is available to all currently employed and full-time firefighters, EMT-Ps, police officers, teachers, certified RNs and military (active-duty & veterans).

** East Texas Rentals does not discriminate, and will give most people an opportunity if we feel they will maintain our property and be able to pay rent.


Available Properties:


East Texas Rentals has expanded, and in 2016 we began construction on Red Rock Country Homes near Gilmer, TX.  Our first rentals at this location are available now!  Red Rock Country Homes has beautifully-refinished mobile homes and cabins on nice 1/4 acre lots in the country.  Only 6 miles N of Gilmer, 11 miles S of Pittsburg, 20 miles S of Mt. Pleasant and 24 miles NW of Longview - 25 minutes from everywhere!  For more information and available homes, visit the website HERE

Rented Properties:


L-101       Location:  Livingston, TX           Type:  RV

L-102       Location:  Livingston, TX           Type:  Cabin

L-103       Location:  Livingston, TX           Type:  2/1 Mobile Home


N-101      Location:  Nacogdoches, TX     Type:  2/1 Mobile Home

N-102      Location:  Nacogdoches, TX     Type:  1/1 Efficiency

S-101      Location:  Sheridan, WY            Type:  Commercial Office

S-102      Location:  Sheridan, WY            Type:  2/2 Duplex

S-103      Location:  Sheridan, WY            Type:  2/2 Duplex

S-104      Location:  Cheyenne, WY          Type:  4/2 House


$250 deposit per pet.  Dogs are permitted, no cats, farm animals and exotics are not permitted - exceptions on a case-by-case basis.  We do not have breed-specific restrictions, just owner-specific restrictions:

No more than two dogs per home.

Animals must be crate/house-trained.

No outside-only animals.

No outdoor fences, cages, chains or cables.  In general, dogs should be monitored and on-leash  when outside.  If not on a leash, dogs must remain in control and not be a nuisance to the community.

A retail-designed outdoor run may be purchased by the tenant and installed next to the rear patio.  Dogs are not allowed to be kept in the run for extended times or in adverse weather conditions.  It may not contain dog houses, food bowls, etc. that suggest extending living times in the run.  It may not be used to place a loud or barking dog to keep from annoying you but therefore annoying your neighbors.


600 Lavender Rd, Lot #2

Gilmer, TX 75644



109 E. 17th St., Suite 5304

Cheyenne, WY 82001